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The Winter Solstice on December 21st, 2019  lays down a  new planetary grid to not only the earth herself but all living beings, which will guide us until the Spring Equinox in March of 2020.

2020 OFFERS YOU A break-up unhealthy co-dependent scenarios. Opportunities should show up to help you grow and prosper all year.

   Jupiter's passage through Capricorn at this time will help you realize dreams that are practical. To receive and align with the blessings that should be coming your way: meditate, be generous, and pray. Work hard. Focus and use your time wisely this year.  Help all. Receive your due.

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Have you always wanted to know how the cosmic clocks of the Universe affect you? This book serves as a primer on how the Planet Venus is conspiring to shower you with blessings and how to interact consciously with those gifts so that you can become bountiful, blissful and beautiful - your birthright.

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Tashi Powers, Astrologer to the stars, and Vastu Master has worked as a professional Evolutionary Astrologer (EA) for over three decades.

Considered one of the Worlds' best Astrologers, she has clients around the world and can be frequently seen appearing on RAMA TV.

Tashi has read the charts of rockstars, (The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, Madona, George Harrison), movie stars, ( Steven Segal, Robert Pattinson, Denise Richard) and industry giants: The Marciano Brothers (Guess), a boatload of many more... 

She loves helping people on their spiritual journey to excel at evolutionary challenges. She uses Vastu and EA to help her clients either use their success responsibly, manage their success, and/or develop successful strategies.

Her first book The Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram, deciphers the cycles of Venus, the planet that rules Love, Money, Relationships & Self-Worth. Tashi's second book, "Vibrate with the Cosmos" delves into the world of Vastu, and is being readied for publication in 2020. 

A reading with Tashi will teach you how to Vibrate With The Cosmos & clear your path to secure the beauty, bounty and bliss promised in the blueprint of your horoscope. 

The EA principles taught to her by her Mentor and Teacher, Jeffrey Wolfe Green will be transmitted as the basis of how to see yourself through a lense of evolutionary growth and Natural Law.

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